About Midland Knee Clinic

Midland Knee Clinic (MKC) is a specialist clinic offering a multi-disciplinary team approach for patients with knee problems. It is one of very few super-specialist orthopaedic knee clinics in the UK. MKC was founded by two knee surgeons, Rik Kundra & James Arbuthnot, who share a common vision and approach for treating knee problems. The aim of the clinic is to provide the highest quality, up to date, evidence-based treatments for patients.

Midland Knee Clinic operates from Spire Little Aston Hospital, Spire Parkway Hospital and Sutton Medical Consulting Centre. Appointments can be arranged at any of the above venues with either of our knee surgeons.

MKC consultants are among the leading specialists in the West Midlands within their fields. Our multi-disciplinary team includes specialist anaesthetists, radiologists, physiotherapists and sports medicine doctors.

The conditions treated range across the whole spectrum of knee conditions: from sports injuries to arthritis, from arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) and ligament reconstruction to partial & total knee replacement options.