Appointments, Fees & Health Insurance FAQs

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No. You can use health insurance or you can self-pay for treatment at MKC.

Insurance providers generally require a GP referral letter to enable you to claim for treatment costs. Sometimes a referral from a physiotherapist will suffice, but check with your insurer.

A referral is preferable but not essential if you are paying for your own treatment.

Yes. This option is available via your GP. Please ask your GP to refer you to MKC at either Spire Little Aston Hospital or Spire Parkway Hospital as an NHS patient.

You should bring the referral letter from your doctor or physiotherapist if available.

Details of your private medical insurance, including your insurance number and authorisation code for the consultation, may also be required.

If you are recommended surgical treatment, you will be provided with a procedure code (CCSD- clinical coding and schedule development- You need to let your insurer know this code.

Information on where to go, time, when to stop eating etc. will be sent to you by the hospital where you are going to have your treatment.

All MKC consultants are registered with the major insurers and charge within the recommended fees set by the insurers. Please note patients will be liable for payment of any policy shortfall/excess on their health insurance policy.

New patient fee: £160

Follow-up fee: £120

Second opinion/complex case fee: up to £250

The cost of your consultation and investigations will usually be covered by your insurer as long as you have a referral letter from your GP or another consultant. However, it is always best to check with your insurer.

It is best to check with your insurer to find out if your treatment costs will be fully covered.

If you are not insured, you will be given further information about costs.

If you have an urgent problem after surgery, phone the hospital ward where you were looked after, and they will contact the consultant if necessary. You can also contact the consultant via his secretary.